House Building within Australia

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Most houses in Australia are constructed from lightweight timber that's formed into framed, braced structures with exterior claddings.

How Construction Begins

The framing will range from widely spaced, large timbers to closely spaced timbers that are frequently used in stud frame construction. Construction will start off with the continuous frames being fixed to a concrete slab. Alternatively, piers or pad-footings are placed to carry the posts or weight carriers.

Sorts of Frame

Though they can be done on or off site, the current methods of building in Australia usually favour off-site fabrication for trusses. The stud frames will probably be created on location, however this will be dependent on the personal design and size of the house.


The BCA regulates timber framed building, and this is probably why they're highly popular. It's wise to have the design checked out by an engineer once the architect has prepared the plans. Qualified professionals specialising at this deliver vast experience and access to information sources that can end up saving builders a great deal of time plus money. These professionals can also ensure that all of the environmental aspects are met.


Every building needs substructure to ensure that that they are sound; these substructures might be made from piers, piles, dwarf brick walls, stumps, or perimeter masonry walls. The reason substructures are needed is to hold the main structure on the footings, :such footings can additionally be created from treated timber, a concrete pad or a concrete rectangular section reinforced with a concrete-filled trench.

The Frame

The timber frame of the house may be known as a skeleton or shell. This refers to the actual structure which everything is attached to, for instance, the exterior wall claddings, roofing, doors etc. If you're building in an area which is the subject of seismic activity you will require the BCA to offer additional building instructions. This assures that your home is created according to safe specifications.

The Connecting joints

When constructing your house you mostly have to use specific joints; both your carpenter or joiner will be able to inform you whatever the requirements. Timber frames and trusses can be purchased pre-formed. The normal joining system used is a metal plate which already has the nails holes bored and has been preduced specifically to join timbers.


To protect your home from the weather it stands to reason that you'll want to apply some finish. This will not just make the wood more resilient, but it will also provide wear resistance. There's a large range of finish available including numerous environmentally friendly ones. A house featuring a decent finish will not only look better, but will have had everything done to keep your it longer lasting.

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